Bicycle Permissions

TRACTION warrants that:

  1. TRACTION has the right to give your child the bicycle.
  2. The bicycle was handed over in its project-complete condition checked against the Bike Build program curriculum. The bicycle is being given to your child in an ‘as is’ condition and in working order.
  3. The bicycle is given on the basis that it is only fit for its intended use. For example, a racer should not be used for BMXing or off-road use.
  4. Your child has been given the opportunity to build the bicycle under the volunteer network of TRACTION.
  5. Your child is the legal owner of the bicycle and to the best of TRACTION’s knowledge, the bicycle is free from all liens and encumbrances.

The bicycles that TRACTION participants refurbish and customise as projects are donated by the community so TRACTION does not have any understanding of how the bicycle was treated or maintained by the previous owner/s, so other than the above warranties, TRACTION gives no other warranties about the bicycle or its construction either expressed or implied.

The focus of the program is for TRACTION participants to learn practical and life skills and experience a sense of accomplishment having completed their project/s. The bike mentor and volunteer team at TRACTION makes every effort to ensure each bicycle is safe and fit for purpose, however TRACTION does not guarantee that the bicycle meets regulatory or industry standards that apply to bicycle wholesalers, retailers or mechanics.

If you have any concerns about the working order or condition of the bicycle your child completes and receives as part of their participation in TRACTION, we recommend having your local bike shop undertake a service/check.