Team Member Engagement Survey


As one of our last TRACTION team activities for 2020, we are going to undertake a short survey of team members.
The survey will help us understand your views on what it’s like to work at TRACTION, how well we communicate and how well we are achieving our mission of empowering young people in need.

For TRACTION to improve we need a continual process of review and analysis. One of the best ways to do this is to listen to your views on a range of issues.
This will be the first time we have used a survey approach and it will be an opportunity for you to rate TRACTION's progress and make comments and suggestions about how we are going and what we might improve.

We would like this approach to become a regular way of listening to you, in addition to meetings, calls, emails etc, and will discuss with you how this might happen when we share the outcomes of this first survey in the New Year.

Guidelines for completion:
The survey contains 23 statements across five sections. For each statement you are asked to choose the response that most closely reflects your view.
There are five responses ranging from Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree. There is also the opportunity to make comments below each response to qualify your response or suggest possible changes and improvements at TRACTION.
Please proceed to the first section to begin.

This survey is completely anonymous and confidential, no information is recorded about your session or device.
If you have any questions, queries or would like a further explanation about how survey data is stored and handled, please get in contact.

Section I

Please respond to each of the following statements:
1. I would recommend TRACTION as a great place to work
1. Any comments?
2. TRACTION inspires me to do my best work every day
2. Any comments?
3. I can speak up in this organisation
3. Any comments?
4. I feel respected in the workplace
4. Any comments?
5. Team members can share their honest opinion without negative consequences
5. Any comments?

Section II

Please respond to each of the following statements:
6. I receive sufficient information about what's happening at TRACTION
6. Any comments?
7. Our current workplace processes enable me to work effectively
7. Any comments?
8. We work well together across teams at TRACTION
8. Any comments?
9. We make the most of the different backgrounds and skills of team members
9. Any comments?
10. I get recognised for doing a great job
10. Any comments?

Section III

Please respond to each of the following statements:
11. I have permission to make decisions to delight our participants
11. Any comments?
12. In my work area, we are always looking for ways to improve
12. Any comments?
13. I am passionate about TRACTION's purpose
13. Any comments?
14. I feel energised at work
14. Any comments?

Section IV

Please respond to each of the following statements:
15. This organisation does the right thing by its employees
15. Any comments?
16. In my work area, we demonstrate TRACTION values every day
16. Any comments?
17. I see people taking care of each other in my work area
17. Any comments?
18. In my work area we look for better ways of doing things to create a safe working environment
18. Any comments?
19. Leaders at TRACTION always put my safety first despite the urgency to get the job done
19. Any comments?

Section V

Please respond to each of the following statements:
20. Leaders genuinely listen to my suggestions, concerns and ideas
20. Any comments?
21. My physical work environment allows me to perform effectively
21. Any comments?
22. I am proud of how TRACTION supports the community
22. Any comments?
23. I feel energised at work
23. Any comments?


Thanks for completing the survey!
If you want to return to any of the statements and adjust your responses, please feel free to do so before pressing 'Finish'.
Press 'Finish' to complete the survey process.