Dear Parents/Guardians,

Your child has been nominated to attend a TRACTION Program by their School/Agency.

We are pleased to have the opportunity to work side by side with your child during the program, with the intent to mentor the group of attending participants to have an enjoyable, safe, and positive experience.

Throughout their selected program, the participants will be introduced to a range of different skills, including but not limited to building a bicycle, reconstructing a small engine, construction of an electronic boom box and may complete activities such as repairs/maintenance using hand tools, stripping paint using sandpaper, spray painting through a spray gun and the application of mechanical chemicals. They will also be given the opportunity to take part in some basic bicycle riding skills and drills in a safe area, starting up engines and connecting electronics using soldering irons.

We are delighted to serve local schools and community groups with a variety of TRACTION community learning programs. TRACTION is a community-based not-for-profit charitable organisation, aimed at helping young people discover their talents, build self-belief and create their own positive and successful futures.

• Increase self-esteem and social skills
• Increase school attendance and achievement
• Improve future employment opportunities
• Improve life skills
• Offer community and mentor support
TRACTION programs currently include:
• TRACTION Bike Build Program
• TRACTION Small Engines Program
• TRACTION Permaculture Program
• TRACTION Boom Box Program

These programs are flexible in design and are delivered over the course of a 10-week school term (1 day per week) or clustered into a 1-4 day bootcamp or special event schedule.

TRACTION Mentors and Volunteers guides and support junior secondary students (typically 12-15 years of age) and youth in need through their chosen programs, while imparting their expertise, life experience, technical and social skills. Participants complete activities such as designing, repairing, building, recycling and making functional items including bicycles, small engines, motorbike engines and transistor speaker systems. Those engaging in Permaculture also learn about sustainability through cultivation and growing local produce. These programs allow creativity, independence, empowerment and ownership.

Our participants most of the time keep their final projects and can contribute back to the program and community by helping prepare other items for donation or sale.

We look forward to hosting your child at TRACTION. Please complete the mandatory TRACTION registration, providing us the necessary information and parent/guardian permissions in the following steps.

If you have any difficulties completing the online registration, please email your query to or contact your School or Community Group Representative for assistance. For more information about TRACTION please visit our website or follow us on Social Media… Instagram: or Facebook: TractionBuilds

Yours sincerely,

Sandy Murdoch

NOTE: The registration process should only take 5 minutes to complete. Your responses will not be saved if you do not complete the registration in a single attempt. Your session will not time out. Do not refresh your page. If having difficulties completing this online registration, please contact your School or Community Group Representative.

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Participant & Bicycle Permissions

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I give the following permissions and consents, and have read and understood the following for the participant enrolling in the TRACTION program:

Bicycle Permission & Riding Waiver

As part of this program, the participating group will be given the opportunity to take part in a variety of bicycle riding elements. This may include riding in places such as parks, bitumen carparks, footpaths and at council facilities such as pump tracks or skate parks, as well as off road areas on designated bike trails and fire access roads. The bicycle riding components will be delivered by qualified and experienced bicycle riding coaches and will be safely planned and assessed, however, as with any physical activity, there is always an element of risk.

TRACTION, in conjunction with our partnered Bike Riding Coaches, will take every possible precaution to prevent young riders sustaining injuries, including but not limited to, the selection of suitable riding locations, consideration of environmental factors, logical sequencing of each session to build skills and rider confidence, provision of suitable and well-maintained bicycles and providing properly fitted helmets that meet Australian Standards and appropriate for the activity being conducted.

1. For insurance purposes, Riders are required to have a current membership with AusCycling before they participate in the riding elements of the program. A free 4-week membership is available for your child and further instructions will be sent home after they commence the program, for you to complete by a designated date/time.
2. Whilst bicycles and helmets are provided, gloves, eyewear and drink bottles are not for hygiene and health reasons. If you want your child to wear gloves and eyewear, you must provide them on the day. Water bottles must be brought by all participants and should be “sports” type bottles, to ensure they fit in the bottle cages provided on the bikes.
3. If your child has a special medical requirement that may jeopardise their safe participation in the riding components, it is the parent/guardian responsibility to communicate this information to your School/Referral Agency contact or representative.
4. If your child requires administration of medication during a program riding session, such as an asthma inhaler or EpiPen, it is the parent/guardian responsibility to inform the School/Referral Agency so TRACTION can prepare a Health Management Plan for your child and affirm who is in possession of the medication on the day and has the authority to administer it.
5. Safety is of the utmost importance. Riders who consistently do not listen to instructions and place themselves or others at risk, or repeatedly disrupt session delivery, may be removed from the session and further discussions will take place regarding any future participation in collaboration with their attending School/Agency Representative and the Riding Coaches.
6. Riders are to always ride within their ability.
7. Participant riders must respect equipment, the environment, other trail users, riding coaches and TRACTION mentors.
8. Sessions may be cancelled or postponed due to inclement weather, where rider safety is a concern and/or there is potential that our program may cause damage to the trails/facilities/environment.
9. Should my child become injured during a session, I authorise certified First Aider/s to administer first aid procedure if required. TRACTION team members or School/Agency Representatives will make reasonable endeavours to contact parents/guardians before commencing first aid, however this may not always be practicable.
10. This consent and authorisation requirement is in addition to other parent/guardian registration permissions, for your child to safely attend and participate in a TRACTION program.

Risk Disclosure

TRACTION’s Safety and Risk Management Framework governs our workplace, child, and health Safety, to help reduce and mitigate any risk of injuries or accidents during a TRACTION program.

Our governing policies, standard operating procedures (SOP), risk assessments and safety tools, ensure we operate each workshop day, supported by highly experienced and technically skilled TRACTION team members, low ratios of mentor to participant (3:6), school/agency representation and applicable personal protective equipment (PPE). Whilst we instil these safety practices and take all reasonable precautions, it is important for you understand that there still may be risks involved in their participation, including but not limited to:
• Injury from incorrect use of hand tools
• Injury from unsafe conduct in the workshop environment
• Exposure to substances such as grease and lubricating oil during bike and engine building
• Exposure to paint chips and dust during the frame scraping and sanding activities
• Exposure to aerosol paints and thinners during the painting of bicycle frames
• Injury from falls or collisions on a moving or stationary bike during riding activities
• Injury from unsafe behaviour of other participants

Health Consent

Through our Safety Framework, TRACTION is committed to upholding the health and safety of everyone who encounters a TRACTION program, event or activity. We take our health standards seriously, to ensure our programs remain operational to support young people, particularly through the current health pandemic. Our Coronavirus COVID-19 and Health Pandemic Policies, Procedures, and evolving COVID-19 Safe Health Plan, govern our health practices and protocols.

Our COVID-19 Safe Health Plan is updated regularly to reflect the current health advice and directives affirmed by the Chief Health Officer and published on the Queensland Government and Department of Health websites and implemented across our operations. Our plan also aligns with any Queensland Education Department mandates. A copy of our plan is available to download via our website.

Our aim is to work together with all program stakeholders to educate our requirements and administer shared responsibilities for the safety of everyone involved in the day. This TRACTION Program Health Agreement outlines the commitment from you as a parent/guardian to only send your child in good health to a TRACTION workshop, and if requested, be responsible to promptly collect your child, should they become unwell or found to be in breach of our COVID-19 protocols.

Your child should not attend a TRACTION program or will be able to continue their participation if:
1. they are COVID-19 positive and have not been cleared to leave isolation through the appropriate COVID test (PCR or RAT)
2. they are a confirmed close contact and should be in quarantine
3. they present COVID-19 symptoms (fever, cold/flu, fatigue, loss of taste/smell) at any point during the workshop day
4. they do not follow TRACTIONs implied COVID-19 Safe Health Plan procedures and protocols
To ensure every effort is made to keep everyone safe, our workshops are equipped with the appropriate PPE (masks, hand sanitiser, paper towel etc) and our mentor team conduct thorough Health Safety Checks on arrival of each participant and anyone entering a TRACTION workshop space. If your child is found to be in breach of any of the 4 items above, they will be safely removed from the main working group, a health incident report completed, and you will be contacted to collect your child promptly from the workshop location. Your child’s School/Agency policies will then apply, in relation to providing any required evidence of your child’s health status before they can return to our program the following week.

I agree that by marking the health requirements below, I have read and understood my responsibilities to ensure:

Media Consent

TRACTION is a community‐based, not‐for‐profit program helping young people discover, connect and experience their own positive and successful futures. TRACTION will from time to time feature photos and/or video clips of participants and staff in order to share progress and promote the program.
TRACTION therefore seeks your consent to use photographic and digital images, quotes or testimonials, video and audio recordings and work samples taken from you or your child for use in the following ways (‘the Agreed Purpose’).
This material collected by TRACTION (or on its behalf) may be used, stored, managed and disclosed for the purposes of TRACTION’s promotional, marketing, fundraising and other publicly accessible material, including its website, social media, publications, advertising and media in either electronic and printed formats. This may also include the publication of images collected by TRACTION (or on its behalf) by third parties with which TRACTION has an affiliation/partnership in order to promote a special program or collaboration.
In granting permission, you are giving consent to those acting under their authority as given by TRACTION providers in good faith.
I have read or have had a person read the consent conditions to me and I understand them.
Please select one of the three media consent level that best suits the participant.

Full Consent

Restricted Consent

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